Master Li Junfeng

Master Li Junfeng is one of the true meditation masters in our lifetime and is the moving force behind bringing Sheng Zhen Meditation to the world. His life and his way of being is a living testament to the teachings embodied in this system of moving and still meditations.

Master Li travels to train and to certify Sheng Zhen teachers, to practice with his students, and to simply spend time with them. In so doing he shares his passion, wisdom, his understanding, his love, his entire being so that others too may experience the joy and contentment that permeates his life. It is his vision to see the world enveloped in unconditional love, where every person will see his neighbor as his brother. The key to the experience, as he says, is the practice of Sheng Zhen. Through the practice an individual comes to lead a Sheng Zhen life, a life steeped in unconditional love.