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Sheng Zhen Healing Gong and Nine Turns Meditation

  • Sheng Zhen Santa Barbara 222 E. Canon Perdido Street, Suite 306 Santa Barbara, CA USA (map)

with Pamela Grant and Mark Wanek

Sheng Zhen Healing Gong is a restorative medical qigong that blends an ancient tradition with gentle, meditative movements performed seated on a chair. Sheng Zhen Healing Gong is an integration of healing traditions, using the unlimited power of Nature to heal.  One comes to experience the opening of the Heart and the stillness of the mind. This form is loved by many for the physical and mental benefits it has bestowed upon them. There are 3 Stages of Sheng Zhen Healing Gong, and each stage has 10 movements. Stage 1 is for the purpose of gathering healing qi into the body. Stage 2 emphasizes the processing of healing qi in the body. Stage 3 allows healing qi to go deep into each cell of the body. Stage 1 is quite effective all on its own, and it is the foundation of stages 2 and 3. We highly recommend this practice to people who have cancer.

Nine Turns is a meditative non-moving qigong, and involves the circulation of qi throughout the body to strengthen both the body and mind.  Because this requires no physical effort, this can be practiced by those who are physically impaired.  Nine Turns meditation is practiced while laying comfortably on the floor, with blanket and pillows for support, as desired.

The purpose of the practice of Nine Turns Meditation is to utilize the qi in the body to arrive at enlightened consciousness.  In this cleansing process, one's being is uplifted and a deeper understanding of life follows.  As you are relaxed and quiet, as the qi becomes concentrated, qi can then circulate gently and lightly to benefit the body.  This qigong achieves a purified and focused mind that can become one with the collected qi.  If you practice this qigong while understanding its deeper meaning, nothing can afflict you.  With accumulated qi, you will experience good health, a good disposition, and a sense of perfect well-being in your life. 

Please dress in layers. Please bring blankets and pillows, as 9 Turns will be a meditation that is usually done laying down on the floor.  Bring what you need to be comfortable.  

We hope you can join us for this special morning.  Please email us or call at 805-452-8781 if you have any questions.  You can register by email: or call or text the number above.  Class size is limited.

Workshop Fee $30  |  Students $20   |   Scholarship and sliding scale available - please ask