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Light of Purity - Healing for the Kidneys

  • Sheng Zhen Center for Self-Healing 20 West Calle Laureles Santa Barbara, CA, 93105 United States (map)

Friday Oct 21 5:30-7:30 pm  |    Saturday Oct 22 and Sunday Oct 23  9:30am to 5:30 pm with lunch break 12:30-2:00

The kidneys in the human body act as filters, purifying the blood before it is sent out to the rest of the body.  They tirelessly perform their function of managing the fluids in the body as well. It is the function of the qi to work the kidneys and support their health. Without fresh qi, the kidneys work twice as hard to filter the blood. With fresh qi even the blood is made more healthy, making it easier for the kidneys to perform their function.

What burdens the kidneys are overly rich and highly preserved food that is found in most diets in this complex world we live in today. The simpler the preparation, the more pure and fresh the food, the easier on the kidneys. The individual’s state of mind and life choices also have an effect on the kidneys through the quality of qi in the body. When we perform actions with purity of intention, the clarity brings light from within is carried by the qi to assist the organs in their functions. In the same way, when there is a fascination for low life, the light cannot shine through as clearly. The quality of the qi is affected and this has a direct effect on the ability of the kidneys to purify the blood and manage the fluids in the body. The food we take in affects the kidneys’ function on a gross level. The quality of what we feed our minds and emotions, and the company we keep affect the kidneys’ function through the quality of the qi that makes them function well.

This qigong can help kidneys that have been overworked and kidneys that are congenitally weak. It strengthens the kidneys with clean and clear qi. This practice has the power to open the heart so that the practitioner can experience his or her own innate purity. When we act from love towards ourselves and others, when the choices we make are those that go towards the light rather than away from it, the brighter the light of love carried by the qi through the body.

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